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Booking For Nepal was established in 2020 with a vision to minimize the outgoing cash from the hotel industry from Nepal and to allow the related business a breathing space in paying back for the use of reservation services. With the aim of providing competitive yet less commission to the online services of booking system, a team comprising experts from hotel, airline and IT industry was formed. The team has delivered in providing a secured online platform with modern look & feel for;

a) hotel industries allowing them to grow their business
b) any users looking to travel with hassle free reservations to hotel, flights and vehicles.


Booking For Nepal provides several product solutions for the booking problems by connecting the customers and the property owners online. BFN gives modern browsing experience with the Online Travel Agency platform and the Property Management System while also offering developing Websites exclusively for the hotel business.


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Is Nepal only where Mount Everest is? What about Gautam Buddha? Who is Gautam Buddha? Are there really 8 mountains above 8000 meters? Is it monkey land? Have UNESCO really listed 11 sites in Nepal as cultural heritage? Do you really find the best momo (dumplings) here? World’s third bungee jumping is in Nepal? Also the caves?  🤯 

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thumb_01_60_60Raju Tamang


I’ve tried a dozen of booking applications for Nepal but I have to agree that this is one of the finest one has to offer.


thumb_02_60_60 Shrinkhala Bhusal


Between the ease of use, the fact that I can get all the the list of hotels, apartments, resorts and many more in the required location is pretty awesome. Same goes for the adventurous packages.


thumb_03_60_60 Roman Bhattarai


The easy user interface helps a lot and one can also find a lot of discounts from the web app itself.


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