Adventure Destination In Nepal

Dec 2023
  • Goreksherp Skydiving

Having been ranked 8th among the 50 best “Try before you die” adventures, as organised in the world, by the CNN News Channel the Gorak Shep drop zone is among the highest skydiving zones in the world.Although skydiving being an extreme aerial sport, the Everest skydiving takes the cake being an absolutely unique experience and the only one of its kind. The execution of this activity involves you being taken up to the drop zone in a helicopter or a plane, to a point in front of the mighty Mount Everest at 8,848 mtrs. Then you free fall from there and enjoy the exhilarating experience while feeling the adrenalin rush through your body.

  • Hattiban rock climbing

Another place for some real thrills is the Hattiban rock climbing, to be enjoyed on a Nepal trip package. Hattiban incidentally is a beautiful small village in the Kathmandu Valley and offers you a chance for both some hiking and then the rock climbing.It takes approximately 20 minutes of hiking to reach the rock climbing site, through some thick forests. Once here you will find that there is a range of climbing routes in the lime stone cliffs of the area.In all about 10 intermediate to single-pitch routes, among these cliffs are marked for your convenience. Although the vertical cliffs are provided for with a couple of overhangs these routes are essentially meant for sports climbing, and also provided are bolted anchors throughout on top of each route.

  • Paragliding Pokhara

A question arises in one’s mind as to why Pokhara for paragliding when in fact there are so many other sites the world over to enjoy the thrills of this activity. The answer to this is that Pokhara is one of the top most commercial Tandem Paragliding locations in the world, a ride that can be enjoyed by couples on their Nepal tour package for couples. Other than the fact that a range of safe takeoff and landing zones are available, the proximity of a large lake for the purpose of safety and the presence of stable thermals, it isn’t difficult to conclude that this site is the most conducive and coveted to paragliding in comparison to some of the other spots in the world. Moreover, the snow capped Himalayas, low lying Valleys, and the scenic surroundings of Pokhara make for some mesmerizing amazing and out of the world views, a bonus par excellence, when paragliding in this region.

  • The Cliff Kushma

Kushma Bungee is the world’s second highest bungee jump situated in the Kushma village of Parbat district in Nepal. It is also the first highest swing site in the world and is adding the highest & longest skycycle (resp. 228 and 600m) in its territories. The naturalistic ambience of the entire settlement of Jumping adventure by The Cliff was started in the year 2020. While the world was suffering through a pandemic, this adventure spot was a fuel to thrive the adventure spirit of the domestic as well as international travellers in Nepal. Hurtling down from the thrilling height of Kushma Bungee in Parvat is in operation with excellent safety records. Because of the efficient team and medical consideration taken into account for the safety purpose, it has maintained a very good customer satisfaction and has all the essentials to make it safe. A team of professionals and trained staff operate the adventurous activities in Kushma Bungee in Parvat.

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