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We offer a variety of full-time and internship opportunities designed to empower you. Step in to explore career opportunities and take your career to the next level.

Teams & Open Roles

Sr. Software Developer

Experience with ReactJS, RoR, WordPress development

Sr. UI/UX Design

Experience with Graphics designs, Figma, Adobe PhotoShop, Illustrator

HR Manager

Experience with Human Resource Metrics

Marketing Head

Experience with running successful marketing campaigns

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Life Inside Our Office

We’ve created a vibrant environment that is adaptable to your employment expectations – and we can help you progress in your career whatever pathway you choose.

Perks & Benefits

We want to make our company worth it. These are few of our many perks and benefits of being a part of BookingForNepal.

Competitive Salary

We ask our employees to give us their best, and we’re committed to doing the same. We strive to ensure that our people get competitive remuneration as per the industry standards.

Awards & Recognition

We are a company led by performers and we never fail to acknowledge the exemplary performance of our people.

Training & development program

We are obsessed with constantly
developing our competencies. Hence, we determine the training needs for our people from the performance review that we conduct bi- yearly.

Annual Company Trip

Chat and Chew, Residential Annual Event, Team Lunch Out