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What is Booking For Nepal?

Booking For Nepal was established in 2020 with a vision to minimize the outgoing cash from the hotel industry from Nepal and to allow the related business a breathing space in paying back for the use of reservation services. 

Whats BookingForNepal - OTA?

We are an online travel agency providing secured 24/7 booking systems to hotels, flights, vehicles and holiday packages without human intervention. See what we offer when you are a user VS when you own a property.

Whats BookingForNepal - PMS?

Property Management System (or the PMS of the hotel industry) is a major product offered by Booking for Nepal. This subscription based product is offered as a great intuitive online service to all the hotel and the related businesses. This product offers basic features in managing room bookings with great visuals of frontdesk and extends in managing restaurants, inventory, human resources and also generating reports.


20% off for first 25 Hotel Registrations

We are providing 25% for first 25 hotels to register in BookingForNepal – PMS.
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