Markhu / Chitlang

May 2023

In the Makwanpur district of Nepal, about 22 kilometers southwest of Kathmandu, is the charming and picturesque village of Markhu Chitlang. This peaceful village, which sits at a height of roughly 1,800 meters (5,905 feet), is renowned for its stunning natural surroundings, historical significance, and gracious hospitality.

Markhu Chitlang provides a tranquil respite from the bustle of city life. The village offers a picturesque landscape that calms the soul because it is surrounded by verdant hills and terraced fields. It’s the perfect place for nature lovers and people looking for peace and quiet because the air is crisp and cooling and the atmosphere is serene.

The Kulekhani Reservoir is one of Markhu Chitlang’s most well-known attractions. The reservoir is a well-liked location for boating and fishing, where guests can take pleasure in the calm waters and partake in leisure activities. The reservoir’s picturesque beauty set against the background of the hills is absolutely captivating.

The village is also historically significant because of the numerous ancient temples and monuments that dot its landscape. An ancient Newari settlement called Chitlang Homestay provides insight into the area’s rich cultural heritage. Visitors can explore the elaborately carved traditional homes, sample authentic Newari cuisine, and take advantage of the warm hospitality of the locals.

Adventure seekers frequently take to the Markhu Chitlang to Chandragiri hiking trail. The trail offers breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and valleys as it meanders through dense forests, terraced fields, and small towns. At 2,551 meters (8,369 feet) above sea level, Chandragiri Hill offers sweeping views of the Kathmandu Valley and the magnificent Himalayan range.

Markhu Chitlang is also renowned for its organic farming practices. The village is known for producing organic vegetables, fruits, and dairy products. Visitors can take part in farm tours and witness the traditional farming techniques employed by the local community.

The hospitality of the people of Markhu Chitlang is unparalleled. Homestay accommodations are available, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the local culture and lifestyle. The warm and friendly locals ensure that guests feel welcomed and comfortable during their stay.

Overall, Markhu Chitlang offers a delightful blend of natural beauty, cultural heritage, and warm hospitality. Whether it’s exploring historical sites, embarking on adventurous hikes, or simply rejuvenating amidst nature, this charming village provides an enriching experience for travelers seeking an authentic taste of rural Nepal.

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