We are an online travel agency providing secured 24/7 booking systems to hotels, flights, vehicles and holiday packages without human intervention. See what we offer when you are a user VS when you own a property.

B2C Model for our customer

Planning for a holiday in Nepal? We offer a modern day secured online platform for planning and booking your next holiday in Nepal at a bargain price. Provide us with minimum information and we guarantee a hassle-free booking for you so that you can relax and enjoy the scenic mountains there. We offer reasonable and lower prices online to book your next flight, to book a vehicle and to book a hotel at your holiday destination.

  1. Hotels: Great offers for you to search hotels nearby your planned holiday destination. Get detailed information of the hotel along with their reviews and choose the best comforted stay at your desired price.
  2. Flights: Find international and domestic flights from your nearest location and fly over with the best price from a range of options flying to the same holiday destination.
  3. Vehicles: Get local and bfn-owned cabs to move from one place to other at competitive prices and forget about getting robbed for being a tourist. 
  4. Packages: Confused on what you can do on your holiday? Leave your holiday planning overhead for us and see from a range of itinerary that fits your day and mood all at a convenient price.





B2B Model for our partners

Are you a property investor in Nepal? Our Booking For Nepal domain name provides a great traffic for customers coming to Nepal and you can expand your business by getting customers through us. We offer competitively low commissions for each booking a customer makes to your property through us and you easily receive your cheque at no-delay.


Booking Management

Payments Handling

Rooms & Services Management

Report Generation

The Right Extranet

You find a one stop site for managing one or several of your properties. We provide an administrative dashboard for your property once you sign up with us.

See daily business made!

See total rooms booked and total amount paid and see minimum commission that we make at the dashboard page when a customer books your property on our OTA.

Plan Ahead!

Put what price to offer to customers on weekends, festivals and holidays. We have an easy-to-use calendar to set prices for your rooms on each day.

Who made the Reservations?

See guests arriving at your property and look for their detailed information and request so you can plan ahead to welcome them.

Get Your Emails!

All customer bookings are notified to you via the emails, as soon as the customer books your property.

Boost Your Listing

Provide detailed information and see easy plans that can boost your property at the top of our property listing

Where to Start for the Expansion

Provide basic information about one or several of your properties in our extranet and you can see customers coming in and booking your properties.

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