Property Management System (or the PMS of the hotel industry) is a major product offered by Booking for Nepal. This subscription based product is offered as a great intuitive online service to all the hotel and the related businesses. This product offers basic features in managing room bookings with great visuals of frontdesk and extends in managing restaurants, inventory, human resources and also generating reports.

Salient Features

  •  Dashboard:
    Modern Welcome Page displaying real-time insights of business data from bookings and cash-flows to guest demographics with astounding charts and graphs. Also offers quick links to several pages.
  • Front-Desk:
    Bookings, guest information, payments, invoices, statuses of a room can be managed by a receptionist via a single page with high quality and easy to use visuals
  • Reports:
    Get your daily to yearly reports of all the cash flows made in the property and do a hard copy of them in a single click
  • Restaurant-Desk:
    Ordering and billing the food have never been so easy but this feature, offering multiple restaurants management, calls for the change in how property handles the foodie, the menu and the bills
  • Inventory:
    Pile up the hotel items’ stock at ease and record their daily usage easily with the IMS. Track the items bought from a vendor and see where your expenses are. Know the value of your property through assets’ feature.
  • Pick Your Theme:
    You can change the skin of the webpage desirable to the color theme of your property
  • Updates on the Go:
    Don’t wait for the updates on a long year plan. We offer new features (and fixes) every month free*based on the subscription model. We see great potential where we can go with the features on this product and we offer that chance for you to be there and soon.


Booking Management

Payments Handling

Inventory Management

Restaurant Management

Rooms & Services Management

Report Generation

HR Management

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