Top 5 MOMO Spot In Kathmandu

Dec 2023
  • Narayan dai ko Momo

The name alone tells you that this is a well-known location. For many people, it is more than just a momo joint—it is an establishment that has existed for more than 50 years. The restaurant also has locations in Basantapur, Putalisadak, and Ratopool. It was founded in Masangalli, close to Jhochhen. Their veg momo with paneer is also fairly good, and their buff momo is juicy and flavorful. The place serves plate-licking good momo, but their sauce can be a little hit or miss at times.

  • Sandar Momo

Shandar Momo is another traditional momo restaurant that is equally, if not more, delicious. It is close to Suraj Arcade, so you can grab a tapari and go wherever you want to eat. Its momo is so satisfying that you will want to order more. Make sure to visit the Shandar Momos by Suraj Arcade, as there are numerous of them in the valley. A pro tip is to fill the tapari to the brim with both sauces.

  • Boso Rahit Momo

Although Boso Rahit contains fat, it tastes great nonetheless. One of Kathmandu’s most well-known momo spots is this establishment, which is situated in Pulchok. Though it offers chicken and vegetable options, nothing compares to its signature buff momo, unlike some other well-known restaurants. We are sure you will have at least a couple of plates before leaving.

  • Banglamukhi Momo

You may assume that this is a vegetarian restaurant. But do not worry, it is not. The size of the buff momos is quite generous, and the sauce is consistently good. There is another chutney which is quite interesting too. The restaurant located at Patan Dhoka also has chicken momos which are similar to the buff momos. The place is quite packed during lunchtime, so it is advised to visit before 1 and after 3.

  • Everest Momo

Located in Naxal, this was probably the most visited momo joint over a decade ago. People would stand in line to dine here. The momo is still fairly good, even though the place does not serve momos with the same taste as it did in the past. However, compared to others, the price of momo here is quite high.

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