Top Fort In Nepal

Jan 2024
  • Rasuwa Fort

    Rasuwa Fort or Rasuwa Gadhi is a historical fort ruin in the Rasuwa District of Nepal roughly at the border with Tibet, China. It is located along the Trishuli River 3 kilometres (1.9 mi) north of the Nepalese town of Timure in Langtang National Park, yet 25 km south of the nearest locality of China at Gyirong Town.

  • Sindhuli Fort

    Sindhuli Gadhi is a historical fort and tourist attraction in central Nepal. Sindhuli Gadhi is famous for the battle between the then Gorkha Army and the British troop headed by Captain Kinloch. The Gorkha force under the command of Khajanchi Bir Bhadra Upadhyay and Sardar Banshu Gurung defeated the British troop in November, 1767 (Kartik 24, 1824 BS). Sindhuli Gadhi lies in Sindhuli District. Currently the place is a tourist attraction.

  • Liglig Fort

    Liglig, better known as “ligligkot” is a hill top located in Palungtar Municipality of Gorkha, Nepal. It is located at the height of 1437 meters (4790 feet) mean sea level. Gorkha District has a long and intriguing history. It’s where a royal dynasty got its start and the famous Gurkha soldiers got their name. Located 80 kilometers (50 mi) due west of Kathmandu (140 kilometers by road). It is the place where the former monarchy of Nepal was established.

  • Chisapani Fort

    The Chisapani Gadhi is a fort in Bhimphedi, Makwanpur that was built around 1744–1745 AD. The fort was controlled by the Sen Dynasty but after the Gorkha Kingdom (later became known as the Kingdom of Nepal) captured Makwanpur they used the fort for the military, administrative, trade and immigration purposes. King Prithvi Narayan Shah used it to create an economic blockade to the Kathmandu Valley. According to historians, the fort had a court, a check post, and an office for a local governor.

  • Makwanpur Fort

    The Makwanpur Gadi is a fort in Makwanpur District, Bagmati Province. The Battle of Makwanpur (1762), the Battle of Makwanpur (1763), and the Battle of Makwanpur (1816) were fought in this fort. In 2015, the Government of Nepal issued stamps featuring the Makwanpur Gadhi.

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