Tsho Rolpa

May 2023

Tsho Rolpa, also known as Rolwaling Tsho or Rolwaling Lake, is a mesmerizing glacial lake nestled within the stunning Rolwaling Valley of Nepal. Situated approximately 100 kilometers northeast of Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal, this enchanting lake is a hidden gem in the Himalayas.

Tsho Rolpa is renowned for its breathtaking beauty and serene surroundings. As one of the largest glacial lakes in Nepal, it captivates visitors with its crystal-clear waters, surrounded by majestic snow-capped peaks and towering mountains. Located at an altitude of around 4,580 meters (15,030 feet) above sea level, the lake is a sight to behold and a testament to the awe-inspiring power of nature.

The formation of Tsho Rolpa can be attributed to the melting of glaciers in the Rolwaling Himal, a subrange of the mighty Himalayas. The tranquil waters of the lake originate from the cascading glacial melt, creating a serene and peaceful oasis amidst the rugged mountainous terrain. The reflection of the surrounding peaks in the pristine waters adds to the ethereal charm of Tsho Rolpa.                         


However, the expansion of Tsho Rolpa in recent years has raised concerns about the potential risks associated with glacial lake outburst floods (GLOFs). Climate change-induced glacial retreat has increased the volume of water in the lake, intensifying the pressure on natural dams created by glaciers. The fear of a sudden breach and the release of a massive volume of water downstream has prompted efforts to study, monitor, and mitigate the risks associated with Tsho Rolpa.

Scientists, researchers, and local authorities have implemented measures to enhance early warning systems, closely monitor the lake’s hydrology, and reinforce the stability of the moraines that act as natural barriers. By understanding the dynamics of Tsho Rolpa and its potential impact, they aim to protect downstream communities and minimize the devastating consequences of a GLOF event.

Beyond its ecological significance, Tsho Rolpa and the surrounding Rolwaling Valley offer a paradise for adventure seekers and nature enthusiasts. The valley’s challenging trails and rugged terrain attract trekkers and mountaineers from around the world. The journey to Tsho Rolpa takes travelers through picturesque landscapes, quaint villages, and lush forests, providing a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the natural wonders of Nepal.

The trek to Tsho Rolpa rewards visitors with awe-inspiring panoramic views of snow-capped peaks, including Gauri Shankar (7,134 meters) and Melungtse (7,181 meters). The tranquility of the valley, coupled with the warmth of the local Sherpa community, creates an unforgettable experience that lingers in the hearts of those who venture here.

In conclusion, Tsho Rolpa is a true gem hidden within the Rolwaling Valley of Nepal. Its pristine waters, surrounded by majestic mountains, offer a glimpse into the raw beauty of the Himalayas. While the lake’s expansion poses challenges, efforts to study and mitigate risks associated with Tsho Rolpa are underway. Whether for scientific research or adventurous pursuits, this enchanting lake continues to captivate all who visit, leaving a lasting impression of Nepal’s natural wonders.

Day 1: Kathmandu to Singati

  • Take a bus or private vehicle from Kathmandu to Singati.
  • Enjoy the scenic drive through the countryside of Nepal.
  • Overnight stay in Singati.

Day 2: Singati to Jagat

  • Begin your trek from Singati and trek to Jagat.
  • Pass through beautiful villages, terraced fields, and dense forests.
  • Overnight stay in Jagat.

Day 3: Jagat to Simigaon

  • Continue your trek from Jagat to Simigaon.
  • Trek through lush green forests and enjoy the views of Rolwaling Himalayan range.
  • Explore the village of Simigaon and experience the local culture.
  • Overnight stay in Simigaon.

Day 4: Simigaon to Kelchey

  • Trek from Simigaon to Kelchey.
  • Ascend through the dense forests and witness the scenic beauty.
  • Reach Kelchey and enjoy the views of Gauri Shankar Himal.
  • Overnight stay in Kelchey.

Day 5: Kelchey to Beding

  • Trek from Kelchey to Beding.
  • Pass through alpine landscapes and enjoy the views of surrounding peaks.
  • Arrive in Beding, a beautiful Sherpa village, and explore the local culture.
  • Overnight stay in Beding.

Day 6: Acclimatization day in Beding

  • Take a rest day in Beding for acclimatization.
  • Explore the village, visit monasteries, and interact with the locals.
  • Optionally, take a side trip to the nearby glaciers or lakes.
  • Overnight stay in Bedin

Day 7: Beding to Tsho Rolpa Lake

  • Trek from Beding to Tsho Rolpa Lake.
  • Ascend through rocky terrains and moraines.
  • Reach the stunning Tsho Rolpa Lake and enjoy the serene atmosphere.
  • Overnight stay near Tsho Rolpa Lake.

Day 8: Tsho Rolpa Lake to Drolumbau Glacier and return to Beding

  • Start early morning and hike to Drolumbau Glacier.
  • Explore the glacier and enjoy the panoramic mountain views.
  • Return to Tsho Rolpa Lake and trek back to Beding.
  • Overnight stay in Beding.

Day 9: Beding to Simigaon

  • Trek from Beding back to Simigaon.
  • Descend through the beautiful landscapes and forests.
  • Overnight stay in Simigaon.

Day 10: Simigaon to Jagat and drive to Kathmandu

  • Trek from Simigaon to Jagat.
  • Arrive in Jagat and take a bus or private vehicle back to Kathmandu.
  • Arrive in Kathmandu and spend the evening exploring the city or relaxing.

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